Temporary Resident Permits Ireland

Temporary Resident Permits Ireland: Explained

Navigating the maze of bureaucracy can often feel like an adventure in itself, especially when it comes to securing your stay in the Emerald Isle, isn’t it? Don’t Worry! We’ve got your back!

Whether you’re here to study, work, or simply soak in the verdant landscapes and rich culture, understanding the ins and outs of Temporary Resident Permits in Ireland is your first step towards a hassle-free experience. Let’s get you through the essentials, making this seemingly daunting process as smooth as a pint of your favorite Irish stout.

Let’s dive in!

When Do You Need A Temporary Residence Permit?

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If you are here for a short tour in Ireland for a visit or tourism purposes, you will not need a temporary permit, granted your tour is less than 90 days. You must apply for this permit only if you are a non-EU foreign national. 

This permit is more suitable for students who are here to stay for more extended periods due to their study needs or for professionals whose jobs demand them to stay in the country. 

However, if you plan to apply for permanent residency in Ireland, you must apply for this permit first. 

You can apply for Permanent Citizenship after you have lived for a minimum of five years on this permit in Ireland. 

Therefore, obtaining this permit is the first thing you should do if you have long-term plans to stay and become a legal citizen. Being a citizen gives you many more opportunities and benefits in Ireland. 

What Are The Essential Documents To Apply For The Temporary Residence Permit? 

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This guide will walk you through applying for a residence permit. You must bring some essential documents if you are coming here and intend to apply for the permit.

You should know that it’s vital to bring your original documents and not photocopies; otherwise, your application will be rejected. 

Some of these documents are:

  • A valid passport, with at least six months of validity left after you land in Ireland. 
  • Birth certificate or Adoption certificate 
  • Two US passport-size colored photographs
  • Criminal Records, if applies
  • Medical examination report 
  • Vaccine reports 

However, if you have come to Ireland on a student visa and are looking to apply for a permit, you might need additional documents. They include:

  • Letter of acceptance from your school 
  • Proof of Fee paid 
  • Proof of private medical insurance 
  • Proof of financial means – €3,000 if you are staying for longer than six months 

How To Apply For The Temporary Residence Permit? 

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You must have a valid Ireland visa before applying for a permit to stay in Ireland for 90 days or longer. 

However, it is essential to note that you must specify and apply for a long-stay visa before coming to Ireland, as you cannot apply for a permit appointment on a short-stay visa. 

If you are coming on a Student or Work visa, there are other requirements you must fulfill, which are available on the immigration website of Ireland. 

When you come to Ireland and the border control, you will learn that you can only stay in Ireland for up to three months unless you make a residence permit appointment before that period. 

The Appointment 

Booking an appointment is a simple task. Hence, you would want to ignore all the expensive immigration lawyers at this stage. Save up your money, read the process, understand it, and apply for it yourself. 

You will probably be applying for a residence permit from within Ireland. Hence, you must apply for the appointment from the official website of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service. 

Registration And Final Steps

After this step, you must physically go to the Burgh Quay Registration Office in Ireland to proceed with the rest of the process. You must bring all your original documents – the ones mentioned above – with you. 

The immigration officer will check all of the documents, along with your immigration details, to see whether you are eligible to apply or not. 

If you are good to go, the registration officer will stamp your passport, indicating the activities you are allowed to do in Ireland and what you should stay away from. It is also to indicate the type of your stay in Ireland. 

Processing Times And Cost 

Ireland is a progressive country, and the immigration laws and implementation systems are strict and closely monitored. Therefore, you must wait a maximum of 5 to 10 days before your Ireland Residence Permit will be mailed to you. 

Apart from that, the cost of the Permit will be a hefty sum of €300, which you will pay the immigration officer on the day of your appointment. 

Permit Renewal

If your permit is about to expire, you should make an appointment for renewal at the same place you made an appointment for the permit in the first place. You must apply for an appointment at least 2 weeks before your permit expires. 

How To Travel With A Temporary Residence Permit? 

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You will not be able to travel with this permanent to any EU country, and this permit entitles you to nothing in terms of traveling to other countries. You will need a visa based on your original passport to travel to the UK or anywhere else.


As we wrap up our journey through the intricacies of Temporary Resident Permits in Ireland, remember that the key to a seamless experience lies in preparation and patience.

Armed with the right information and a bit of Irish luck, your time in Ireland can be as enriching and enchanting as the country itself. So, raise a glass to new beginnings and the adventures that await on the other side of that permit application.

Permit Secured!

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