Tax Return Software in Ireland: A Simple Guide

Are tax return headaches keeping you up at night? Fret not, fellow expats! Navigating the labyrinth of tax software in Ireland just got a whole lot simpler.

In this guide, we unravel the complexities, demystifying the process for a stress-free tax season.

Let’s dive in!

How Do You Gеt Your Taxеs Back In Irеland?

To gеt somе of your taxеs back in Irеland and you nееd to filе a tax rеturn at thе еnd of thе calеndar yеar. Two possible ways to submit your tax dеclaration in Irеland:

1. Using a tax rеturn onlinе softwarе

2. Using a tax consultant  

Which Is The Best Tax Return Software In Ireland?


What Is Vertex?

Vertex combines tax research and advanced technology to improve tax accuracy and consistency in sales and purchase transactions. This automation allows for high-volume, complex transactions to be completed quickly and efficiently, improving internal processes and audit performance. 

Integrations with ERP, eCommerce, procurement, and other billing systems allow a single tax engine to support a growing business seamlessly. Vertex also offers services for streamlining exemption certificate management and compliance filings.

Who Uses Vertex?

Vertex uses its 40-year singular focus on tax technology to develop solutions and services that support business growth for businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Automate compliance with tax software and services that adapt to your company’s growth and changes.

  • Use their proprietary database, which contains millions of data-driven effective tax rules for 19,000+ jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Use integrations explicitly designed for the business applications you already use.
  • Trust the global enterprise solutions created by top tax experts and leading developers. 
  • Depend on options and support to meet all of your emerging business needs.

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ITSS(Sage Personal Taxpro)

The ITSS team has diverse expertise, ensuring they can provide comprehensive end-to-end financial software solutions. The team includes tax consultants, software developers, business analysts, test engineers, UAT specialists, and customer service representatives.

Sage Personal Tax pro is a complete income tax compliance and management software solution.

When you use it, they guarantee that it will increase productivity and accuracy while lowering the cost and burden of income tax compliance.

The software’s functionality is briefly described below.

  • Produces two tax computations, the Tax pro and ROS computations.
  • The built-in ROS imports allow you to import client information from ROS, employment and social welfare payments, preliminary tax payments, and personal information.
  • Tax and technical support is provided directly to Irish Registered Tax Advisors.
  • Creates Forms 11, 12, and 46G.
  • There is no re-entry of data. Unused capital allowances, losses, and reliefs are carried forward yearly.
  • Mail merge letters facilities allow you to quickly produce standard letters for individuals or a batch of clients.
  • Creates a PDF report pack containing computations and the tax return, which can be sent to your client for review.
  • An integrated partnership module lets you set up, create, and file Form 1 (Firms) online.
  • Registered Tax Consultants designed, tested, and provided support.
  • Used by all four of Ireland’s largest accounting firms.
  • Has an inbuilt database that contains information about the dates and amounts of dividends paid by all Irish and UK public quoted companies.
  • The software allows you to file your tax return to ROS electronically.
  • The data for each partner is automatically transferred from the partnership module to the individual’s Form 11.
  • The built-in high earner’s calculation will automatically determine whether or not your client is a high earner.
  • Creates a practical rate calculation along with a detailed backup report.
  • Users can import data directly into Tax pro using a link to Sage Accounts Production.

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Every year, thousands of people overpay taxes on their earnings. Fear of the taxman has resulted in millions of euros of unclaimed overpaid tax – money that should be back in workers’ pockets.

They are on a mission to help workers understand their financial entitlements so they can remain tax-compliant while still receiving all of the benefits they deserve, no matter where they are in the world. 

They have filed over 1 million tax returns with employers and global partners to educate employees about entitlements.

Their company has evolved as they strive to ‘find a better way’. From paper returns to a fully automated, online user journey, their goal has remained consistent: to provide excellence in customer experience while eliminating the fear of filing a tax return.


At Tax back, we specialize in a range of tax and financial services, including:

  • Income Tax Refunds
  • Tax Return Filing,
  • Expatriate Tax Services
  • Royalty Refunds
  • Employee Financial Well-being
  • Irish Rent Collection Services
  • Tax Numbers,
  • Dividend Withholding Tax,
  • Property Tax Services
  • VAT Recovery & Compliance


✅ Claim every tax entitlement you’re owed.

✅ Comprehensive four-year tax review.

✅ Simple online service.

✅ Live chat support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How it works?

  1. Register with Taxback and fill out their short online questionnaire.
  2. A member of their Tax Team will contact you soon to finish your tax review.
  3. Their Tax Team will review your information to ensure you’re claiming all available expenses and due credits.
  4. Taxback files your completed tax paperwork and transfers any refund you are due directly to your bank account.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of Irish taxes, a reliable guide is your compass. With the power of user-friendly tax return software at your fingertips, bid adieu to fiscal woes.

Ready, set, click your way to a hassle-free tax return experience!

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